8 Ways to Celebrate Dad This Year

Let’s be honest…Dads deserve a whole year of recognition. But since it’s June and Father’s Day is here, let’s talk about what you can do now to celebrate dad. Here’s what we’re thinking.

1. Give him some of your best dad jokes.

Ahh…the classic dad joke. Dads everywhere share this peculiar sense of humor where they get a kick out of jokes that are so bad, they’re actually kind of good. You know, like when you ask your dad if he’s alright and he nonchalantly replies, “No, I’m half left.”

Gather your favorites and have a chuckle with dad, but be weary—he’s sure to repeat these jokes countless times in years to come!



2. Ask him for some classic “When I was your age” stories.

If there’s one thing dads love (besides dad jokes, of course.), it’s getting into a good story with a captive audience. Plus now that you’re older, he’s more likely to share some of those juicy stories about his crazy antics when he was younger. We’ll bet you never knew your dad had it in him back in the day!


3. Take a road trip.

These days you might be more inclined to hop in a car with your friends for a road trip, but we’re sure dad would appreciate it if you thought of him instead. Think about where your dad used to take you on road trips when you were little. It’s a great time to revisit, don’t you think?


4. Learn one of his hobbies.

Some dads are skilled craftsmen and love building a new piece of furniture from scratch. Others can pop the hood of a car and make adjustments like it’s second nature! Whatever your dad loves spending his time doing, he’ll appreciate the effort you’re making to learn his craft beside him.


5. Man the grill for the day.

Dad might be the master cook, but give him a break from flipping burgers at your backyard BBQ just this once. Let him kick back and enjoy the weather while you get on the grill and fill his shoes.



6. Enjoy his favorite pastimes with him.

Did dad grow up excited for any ball game he could land tickets for? Or maybe he has some great memories checking out classic cars. Take him down memory lane and relish in one of these pastimes with him.


7. Look through old photos.

Some of the best bonding moments come from reminiscing about the past, so dust off the old photo album, sit back with your dad, and enjoy the memories!


8. Bring back an old family tradition.

Traditions sometimes fade as you get older, but it’s never too late to bring them back. Even if it’s as simple as collecting sea shells on the beach!

Even better—check with your grandparents and see if there’s a family tradition your dad enjoyed as a child. He’ll be happily surprised when you bring that one back!

Got any ideas we didn’t list? Share them in the comments below!


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