9 Things That Will Amp Up Your Next Road Trip

Extra clothes, GPS, snacks for the ride…we all know the basics when it comes to prepping for a road trip, but we took the liberty of listing some things you probably didn’t think of. Have a look and get ready to amp up your trip!

1. Roadtrippers App

Heading on a road trip without a solid plan? You may want to rethink that. Roadtrippers takes all the hassle out of planning by helping you estimate fuel costs, suggesting hotels along your route, and proposing some cool sites and roadside attractions you can check out along the way. Download here.


2. Car Games.

Hey, car games aren’t just for restless kids! They’re a great way to keep the whole crew engaged and entertained during the long car trip. Not sure what to play? We’re a fan of these car games on BuzzFeed.



3. Audio Books or Podcasts

Picture this. You’ve been on a long stretch of road in a desolate area for hours. The chatting and gossip with your bestie dwindled away as they nodded off in the passenger seat. You prepared a killer playlist, but at this point every song seems old and overplayed. Now what? Do yourself a favor and look into some audio books and podcasts before you hit the road. They’ll definitely keep you sane during those moments when you need some on-the-road entertainment.


4. RoadPro Stove

Did you know that there are actually stoves that you can connect to your car’s 12V socket? Nope, we’re not kidding! So when you’re pulled over at a rest stop and that bag of chips just isn’t doing it for you, you can bring out your stove and heat up some of those homemade meals you packed in your cooler. It’s life changing. Get one here.


5. Neck Pillow

These pillows aren’t just great for plane rides, they’re seriously convenient for road trips as well. Nobody wants to deal with those annoying neck aches after you’ve dozed off against your seat belt, right?


6. Two-Port USB Car Charger

Of course, you’ll want to keep your phone charged so you can keep your playlist bumping and make sure you’re navigating the right routes…but what about your friend riding along with you? A passenger with a dead phone is not fun, so pick up a car charger with two ports instead of one.



7. Tollsmart App

Many people opt for road trips because they’re cost-friendly compared to paying round-trip airfare, but don’t forget about those tolls! Tollsmart will help you find the cheapest routes, and if you have a transponder, it’ll let you know where it’s accepted. Download here.


8. Karaoke Playlist

There’s nothing like those songs that come on and everyone—and we mean everyone—knows the words (Sweet Caroline…we see you). Compile a playlist of these classics and recreate your own Carpool Karaoke with your friends. It’ll be epic.


9. GasBuddy App

Aside from taking care of the tolls, you’ll also need to keep gas in mind. Your trip isn’t going to fuel itself! The good news is, you can scope out the cheapest gas prices along your route with GasBuddy. Download here.

Can you think of anything we didn’t list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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