15 Simple Pleasures That Will Remind You to Smile

Do you ever have one of those days where it seems like nothing goes your way? Maybe you were running late, you stained your favorite shirt, or you got into a little tiff with your best friend. Bad days happen, but sometimes recognizing the simple pleasures in life is all it takes to remind you that things aren’t all that bad. Keep reading — We’ll help jog your memory!

1. When your coffee reaches that perfect temperature.

And now, you can indulge.



2. Falling asleep to the sound of rain.

Especially when you have no responsibilities the next morning.


3. Re-runs of your favorite old TV shows.

Friends, we see you.


4. Finding a hilarious relatable meme. 

And then sharing it with friends for a good laugh.


5. That angelic look on your pet’s face when they fall asleep on your lap. 

You’re stuck on the couch until they wake up, but it’s worth it.



6. Putting on warm clothing straight from the dryer.

Or, jumping into bed with freshly washed sheets!


7. The moment the waiter arrives with your food.

And you have to act like you’re not about to dive in face first.


8. Belting out your favorite songs in the car.

That’s where you put on some of your best performances.


9. When someone cancels plans you didn’t feel like going to.

Ahh…Time to curl up with a book and relax.



10. The smell of freshly cut grass.

Basically any smell that’s reminiscent of summer.


11. Finding the perfect crunchy leaf to step on.

Especially as you’re walking to class!


12. Unexpectedly catching a beautiful sunset.

Those shades of orange, pink, and purple are breathtaking.



13. Taking a hot shower after a long day.

Sore muscles + A hot shower = Perfection.


14. When your scissors glide perfectly as you cut.



15. That feeling after you wake up from a really deep sleep.

You might not remember what day it is, but you feel like a brand new person.

What else can you think of? List them in the comments below!


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  1. KAT says:

    That moment you’re reading a good book and realize you still have a good ways to go!
    That book has you so captivated, you don’t want it to end!!!!


    Waking up early on your day off and realizing it’s your day off!!!!! Sweet surrender!

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