10 Ways to Have a Fun No-Spend Weekend

They always say that the best things in life are free, but then why do we always end up emptying our wallets on restaurant checks, Uber fares, and entry fees when we go out? Is it really possible to have a fun no-spend weekend? We think so. Check out some of our ideas below.

1. Take a drive and visit some sites and landmarks.

You might not think to go sight-seeing right in your own area, but there’s got to be something around that you haven’t yet checked out. Whether it’s a beautiful mountainside, a historical landmark, or just some outrageously large mansions, you can be your own tour guide as you and your friends drive through these areas.


2. Grab your friends and venture off on a scavenger hunt.

How about bringing back this age-old classic? Grab the besties, divide into teams, then set off on a drive around town (or even further!) snapping pictures of all the items on your list. Need ideas on what to find? Here’s a start:

  • A house that still has Halloween decorations up
  • Graffiti with a positive message
  • An out-of-state license plate (Furthest state gets a bonus point!)
  • A punny business name (Like a coffee shop called “Brewed” Awakening.)
  • A street sign starting with the letter “Q”



3. Go old school and crack out the board games.

Game nights are so underrated. Who wouldn’t hunch over laughing at the dark humor in Cards Against Humanity? And then a classic game like Clue? Forget about it! You know you’ll be the first to figure out if it was Mrs. Peacock or Colonel Mustard hiding that candlestick in the billiard room.


4. Host a night of reality-show-inspired competition.

How about creating your own rendition of Top Chef where you and a couple of friends compete to cook the best dish using only ingredients currently in your pantry? Or you could channel Project Runway where you try pulling together the best outfit using what’s in your closet. We’d go on and explain how you can put your own spin on Face Off, too — but you get the drift.


5. Plan a weekend of wellness with an at-home spa retreat. 

We always love a good option that involves keeping it lowkey and getting in some R&R. You can create your own at-home retreat with instructional yoga and meditation YouTube videos, a piping hot bubble bath, face masks, and manicures. Ahh...pure bliss!


6. Keep it classic with a movie night. 

A movie night might not be very original, but hey — it never gets old. Plus, it’s a pretty good excuse to stay indoors in your pajamas. That’s a win-win in our book!


7. Build a fire and share stories with friends.

The winter weather is frigid, but curling around a fire pit should do the trick and warm you up. If you don’t have a fire pit, gathering around the fireplace with hot cocoa and some stories is just as fun.



8. Feast big by hosting a potluck.

Forget paying a hefty check at your favorite restaurant. Call over a few of your friends and have everyone bring over a dish. You’ll have so many delicious options once the whole crew arrives, you can definitely anticipate the food coma that will follow your feast!


9. Do a Google search for free local events.

There might be free events going on in your local area this weekend, and you don’t even know it! A quick Google search should give you a pretty wide array of options.


10. Visit family. 

You see your friends all the time, so how about catching up with family this weekend? Plus, we all know grandma won’t let you leave her house hungry!

Give us some of your best no-spend weekend ideas! Drop them in the comments below.


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