5 Career-Related Resolutions for the New Year

Staying away from the whole cliché “lose weight” and “go to the gym” resolutions? We hear you. While we make our way into the new year, how about opting for a goal that sets you up for success in your career? Here are the career-related resolutions that we recommend.

1. Expand your professional network.

Growing your professional network is more than just connecting with some new names on LinkedIn. How about making 2018 the year you attend more networking events, keep in closer touch with the contacts you do have, and become more active within LinkedIn groups? Having a solid professional network not only benefits your career growth, but it gives you more confidence in your own personal brand.


2. Take on more projects that scare you.

The best way to learn and grow? Facing your fears head on. Let’s say you typically shy away from public speaking. How about working toward squashing that fear by taking on more presentation opportunities?



3. Build new skills.

Do you have a professional skill set you know you should hone? Coding, SEM/SEO, project management…Whatever it is, you know it’ll positively impact your career. This year, make learning this skill a goal. You can work toward it by finding mentors who will help guide you, looking for online courses that teach the basics, or just diving into new work projects that force you to keep practicing.


4. Squash bad habits that are holding you back.

Whether it’s constant procrastinating, making excuses, or being too much of a perfectionist, we all have a habit that keeps us from reaching our full potential. The first step is recognizing what’s holding you back, then consciously making an effort to make a change this year.


5. Find ways to stay inspired. 

It’s so often that we get burnt out, feel let down by things we have no control over, or just generally feel unmotivated to keep going in our careers. This year, make it your mission to keep a positive mindset. This might mean not sweating the little things that you normally wouldn’t brush off, or it might mean seeking more opportunities to just generally stay professionally inspired — like listening to motivational speakers and podcasts, looking for ways to intertwine more of your passions in your career, or finding a helpful mentor to keep you on track.

What other career-related resolutions can you think of? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Garen Balikcioglu says:

    Thank you *Mr. Plisco. Your class literally changed my life and thanks to recent events I was able to come to terms with something I did in the past that was buried deep inside of me, I also let go of my ego, the thing that was holding me back like a ball and chain. I set up a Linkedn and am going to start a blog, (name to be decided on but I’m sure it will be amazing) and I did something I never thought I would do…fold pocket AAs pre flop and for some funny reason I feel like you had something to do with that but don’t worry, I’m going to tip the dealers from now and also *actually go to college. Thank you.

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