5 Ways to Boost Your Resume Over Winter Break

Winter break isn’t always unproductive. While it’s a great time for relaxing and chilling, there’s also plenty of time for all of the responsibilities you were too busy for during the semester — Like fixing up that resume you haven’t touched in quite awhile. Here are a few ways we suggest boosting your resume over break.

1. Earn a certification.

Certifications look great on your resume. It’s basically a humble way of say, “Hey, I know I have this degree — but I went ahead and learned more beyond that!” Not all certification courses are costly, either. There are plenty of free options, like Google Analytics Academy  and MIT’s Intro to Computer Programming.


2. Freelance.

You don’t always need a job or internship to get valuable hands-on experience in your field. Many times, you can take on professional gigs here and there on your own schedule — it’s perfect for college students! Whether you contribute articles for an online publication or you help build websites for various clients, it’s a step in the right direction for your resume.



3. Create a personal website or online portfolio.

Think of your online portfolio as your resume’s sidekick. A formal resume can only tell so much, but your website paints the whole picture of who you are as a professional. Your website can really set you apart from other job applicants, which is why it’s such an essential way to boost your resume these days. Get started with a platform like WordPress or Wix.


4. Chat with a career coach.

Your resume is much more than just listing out your experiences. The format, the tone, the language, the design…These things are all important as well. How about having a career coach critique your resume over break? They can help you create a document that’s sure to leave a lasting first impression.


5. Volunteer.

Volunteering is often overlooked, but it’s easy way to gain experience for your resume. A lot of skills learned while volunteering are transferable to many career paths — like leadership skills, the ability to work in a team, and time management.


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