5 Reasons You’re Not Excited About Your Major

Making big decisions can leave anyone second-guessing their choices. For that reason, it’s pretty common diving into your college courses and instantly feeling bummed that maybe you chose the wrong major. Students switch their area of study all the time, and it’s really no biggie (No, seriously…It’s so common!). But before you rush into making a switch, check out these reasons why you might not be excited about your major.

1. You haven’t had hands-on experience yet.

It obviously feels a bit worrisome when the material you’re studying in your college classes doesn’t feel as exciting as you anticipated, but sometimes it’s hard seeing how appealing a career path can actually be until you’ve had hands-on experience. A classroom just doesn’t cut it! You might need to take on an internship or two in order to judge whether this is the right path for you. Or, if anything, find someone in the field that’s willing to let you shadow them for a day.


2. You’re not sure which career paths you can take. 

Maybe you chose a major based on your interests, but you never quite figured out where it’d lead you after college. Or, maybe you chose a major with a specific career in mind, but you’ve since decided against that path. Either way, it’s important to keep in mind that there’s no one set career for your major. In fact, many people stray away from their major once they start their careers because a lot of skills are transferable. Do some research on different job descriptions your major covers. You’re not confined to one path!



3. You think it’s too easy (or too hard).

If your classes are too easy, you may get bored by the lack of challenge you’re faced with. It’s worth checking out different internship opportunities that might make you think otherwise. Working the field often poses more challenges than your college classroom. Or, you can even try tacking on a second major that will help heighten your skills.

A difficult major might scare you away, too. Try enlisting in extra help — like finding a tutor or mentor — and see if that helps you better grasp the challenges.


4. It doesn’t pull in your passions or interests. 

Let’s say you grew up completely obsessed with pop culture. You hang onto every word dished out in the headlines of big-named lifestyle publications, and you’re on top of all the celebrity news the moment it breaks. For that reason, you tacked on a journalism major in hopes of creating a career around this passion. But when you start your classes? Instead of writing glamorous articles fit for an issue of Cosmopolitan, you’re writing slugs for a fake local newspaper about politics and town-wide water main breaks.

Did you choose the wrong major? No, not necessarily. Your classes aren’t all going to touch on the specific area you’re building your career around. It’s up to you to steer yourself in the right direction through internships, extracurriculars, and even electives.


5. You keep thinking about a different major.

Are you second-guessing your major because you have another one in the back of your mind? It might be worth exploring, but don’t drop your major just yet. You might actually benefit from double-majoring if the two areas of study coincide (Or, you can take it on as a minor). If not, try taking a few electives under the other major and see if it’s really what you want.

Do you have any more questions about choosing a major? Drop them in the comments below!


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