Finishing Touches That Will Pull Together Your Room Decor

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What’s the best part about moving into a brand new room? Hands down, it’s having a blank slate to show off your personal style. And even if you’re not making any moves, refreshing your current space is just as exciting. Our friends at Target are all about helping you channel your inner interior designer. If you’re decorating your space and still feel like it’s lacking, check out these finishing touches they recommend.

Pull your bed together with decorative pillows and a headboard.

A picturesque bed doesn’t just exist on your Pinterest boards. Create a fully-integrated sleeping area by pulling in decorative pillows that complement your comforter. For an even more structured finishing touch, consider adding on a headboard to an otherwise plain bed frame.



Accentuate your desk with a task or novelty lighting feature.

The ambient lighting in your bedroom could use some assistance. Draw the right kind of attention to your desk area with a creative novelty lighting feature, or stick to something more functional like a desk lamp. Either way, your work area will feel more charming and intact.


Create a trendy focal point with a gallery wall. 

Stark white walls often leave your room feeling short of something necessary, but you can easily embellish bare areas with wall décor. Creating a gallery wall allows you to pull in different decorative elements—like artwork, mirrors, and accents—and creates an attractive focal point for your room.



Keep clutter out of sight with organizational furniture. 

Even if you have all the right décor, an overly-cluttered space can distract from your room’s aesthetic. Make the most out of a small space with a closet organizer, and look into storage features like bins, containers and cubes to keep any eye sores out of sight. When you invest in the right organizational furniture, only your décor elements do the talking (As they should!).



Create a lush feeling in your bathroom with the right towels.

It doesn’t matter if you’ll be sharing space in a communal bathroom, or with just a couple of other heads—You can easily create your own little spa-like retreat with the right accessories. Your bath towels, for example, should feel as great as they look. Whether you prefer traditional towels or a bath wrap, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for a great value.


Ready to pull together your room décor? Fuel your inspiration even further with these bedroom ideas. Keep in mind that Target updates their assortment frequently, so keep checking back for the latest!


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