7 Ways to “Spring Clean” Your Life

Spring is officially here, and we decided to tag onto the age-old tradition of spring cleaning. The catch? We didn’t want to make it all about actual cleaning (dusting, mopping, vacuuming, etc.), because we do those kinds of things all year round. Instead, we thought about ways you can refresh different areas — a “spring cleaning” of your life, if you will. Here’s what we came up with.

1. Unsubscribe from any unnecessary emails.

Is your inbox constantly filled with unread messages from brands and retailers you never even shop at (or even worse…brands you’ve never even heard of)? While promotional emails are great for gaining savings on items you love, pay attention to how many of these messages you just hit “delete” on without opening them (or just leave sitting in your inbox unread). Is it time to finally unsubscribe? We think so. Your inbox will be much less overwhelming, and much easier to manage.


2. Confront any old bad habits.

Since spring cleaning is all about ridding the old and bringing in the new, let’s talk about habits you want to knock. Maybe you’re the worst procrastinator, maybe you waste too much time on your phone, or maybe you just eat a whole lot of fast food. Whatever your bad habits are, leave them behind with the winter season!



3. Unfollow any negative social media accounts.

How about “spring cleaning” your life from negative energy? You know…those trolls on Twitter that seem to cast a shadow over everything, those friends on Facebook that always want to start a political fight (erm…debate), and even those seemingly perfect accounts on your insta feed that somehow make you feel like you’re totally losing at life. You don’t need anything bringing you down, so hit “unfollow.” While you’re at it, how about following some more positive accounts in their place?


4. Focus on a more positive mindset.

While we’re on the topic of nixing any negative energy, let’s remember that it doesn’t all come from social media — you might be guilty as charged, as well! No, we’re not calling you a bad person. Everyone, and we mean everyone, gets plagued with negative thoughts from time to time — even if it’s just ragging on yourself for getting a less-than-stellar grade on your last exam. It’s totally worth “spring cleaning” your mindset and working on a more positive way of life.


5. Sift through old files, photos and apps.

Believe it or not, digital clutter can really get out of hand. We’re talking about those essays from high school you still have saved on your laptop, old screenshots of text conversations in your camera roll that you never got around to deleting, and apps you haven’t touched in ages (sorry, Pokemon Go!). See what kinds of things you can wipe from your devices. It’s time!


6. Find new ways to get organized.

It’s the worst when you try getting organized, only to fall back into your old ways soon after. If an organization method hasn’t worked for you by now, will it ever? That’s why it’s a great time to find new organization tactics that work for your lifestyle. For example, if using a planner has never worked for you before, how about trying an app instead?


7. Clean up your online presence.

If you’ve never given much thought about your online presence before, now is a better time than never. Imagine missing out on amazing job opportunities because hiring managers are digging up dicey social media posts from you that are so old, you completely forgot they were even tied to your name! But even if you’re sure you’ve kept it clean on social media, there are still essential steps you can take to perfect your online presence — like eliminating undesirable Google search results, building up your LinkedIn profile, or creating your own professional website. Seriously, your online presence matters more now than it ever has before…take control of it!


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