Outside-the-Box Ways to Find a Job

Most job searchers follow the same standard steps when looking for new opportunities—scour job boards like Indeed or Monster, upload your resume and cover letter, then hope for the best. Can this lead to an awesome new role? Absolutely. But what if we told you that you’re limiting yourself in your job search? Check out some of the outside-the-box ways to find a job that we listed below.

Turn to your alumni network.

You might not know each alumni personally, but you all have one very important thing in common that makes you a tight-knit community—your Alma mater. Now, how do you get a hold of these alumni? Oftentimes, it’s as easy as heading online. Look out for different alumni-focused Facebook groups, like ones that are open to every alumni in your university, groups dedicated solely to your graduating class, and even ones that are specific to your major. Alumni are probably already posting job openings in these groups, but you can even post your own update and simply let everyone know you’re searching.


Keep an eye out on social media.

Don’t limit yourself to just alumni Facebook groups. The overall community that you’ve friended on social media could help you out, too! Don’t be afraid to post a status update asking your followers if they have any good job leads. It’s also totally worth following some brands you love, as well. Sometimes, they’ll announce that their corporate office is hiring right on social media.


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Try cold contacting.

If you have a list of dream companies you’d love to work for, but they don’t have any job listings in your area of expertise, you can try cold contacting. This essentially means you’d still send over your resume with a cover letter, but instead of tailoring it to position that’s already posted, you’d show them why you’re worth creating a position for. If you pitch yourself well enough, you may end up landing an interview! If not, the hiring manager for that company might at least hang onto your resume in case a relevant opportunity arises.


Reach out to past internships.

Remember all of those cool internships you had throughout college? Even the one you had all the way back in the summer of sophomore year? It might have been awhile, but those people you worked with are still a part of your professional network. It doesn’t hurt reaching back out for a quick hello and seeing if there are any open opportunities in the company that you can apply for. After all, they already know what you’re capable of professionally.


Subscribe to job-centered newsletters.

You might already subscribe to some fun editorial newsletters that feature a list of trending articles and quizzes through email. And, hopefully, you’ve even seen some of our newsletters in your inbox! But have you ever thought about subscribing to a newsletter that could potentially lead to a job offer? Whether it’s a career-focused blog that sends through profiles of awesome companies that are currently hiring, or job boards that send you a weekly roundup of personalized job openings, this is definitely a tactic worth incorporating into your job hunt.


Use your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn hosts a job board just like many of the career-finding sites you’re used to, but you’re seriously limiting yourself if that’s the only LinkedIn feature you use. Start looking through the posts that people in your network are publishing. These posts often announce potential job opportunities as well, and reaching out about a position this way feels much more organic than blindly sending your resume through a job board. There’s also a pretty nifty LinkedIn feature where you can (privately) let recruiters know you’re job searching. Make sure you have a strong profile, and recruiters will start reaching out once you flip this feature on.

Have you had success trying tactics that we didn’t list? We’d love to hear your job-searching methods in the comments below.


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