5 Apps Every Foodie Should Download

Classes are winding down for the summer, and there’s suddenly a lot more time for hobbies, travel, and day trips with friends. If you ask us, that basically just means we’ll be indulging in some great eats all season long. Are you on the same page? If so, check out the five apps below that are perfect for our fellow foodies.

1. OpenTable

This app makes it super easy searching for cool new dining locations, and you can make your reservations right in the app! No awkward phone calls. No long waits. You’ll get straight to what matters—an awesome dining experience.

App Store | Google Play

2. TV Food Maps

Itching to take a trip down to Flavortown? This app hosts a library of restaurants featured in your favorite shows from Food Network and Travel Channel. Find some in your local area, or use the app and plan a food-focused road trip.

App Store | Google Play

3. Uber Eats

Curb your cravings without leaving your house—even if your restaurant of choice doesn’t deliver! From fast food franchises to local diners, you can place an order directly in the Uber Eats app and then track the delivery in real time.

App Store | Google Play

Psst…If Uber Eats isn’t available in your city, you can also try GrubHub!

4. Epicurious 

This app brings you the best food content and recipes right in one place. Browse through fresh recipes and videos (and save them for later use), create shopping lists, make use of the app’s built-in kitchen timer, and search through ingredients currently in season in your area.

App Store

5. Urbanspoon

Are you the type that won’t pick a new dining spot without conducting research? Urbanspoon lets you find new nearby restaurants and offers honest ratings and reviews from both customers and critics. Perfect for eating local, or eating like a local while you travel.

App Store | Google Play

Did we miss anything? Share your favorite foodie-friendly apps in the comments below.


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