7 Ways to Stay Stress-Free on Move-Out Day

Let’s take a minute and think back to your college move-in day. With new and friendly faces all across campus and blank rooms just ready to be transformed into personalized humble abodes, it’s safe to say that this day was nothing less than exciting. Move-out day, though? Not so much. There’s a lot of hard work involved in packing up your room and getting everything home, but we’re letting you know how you can get it all done stress-free.

1. Look at your finals-week schedule.

You’re probably already stressing over final exams, so why add more stress on top of that? Take a look at your exam-week schedule and plan your packing accordingly. It makes much more sense getting your packing done on a lighter day rather than last minute when you’ve got three exams lined up, don’t you think?


2. Start with items that can get tossed.

Staring at your room and wondering where to start is overwhelming, which totally makes it tempting to just procrastinate. There are so many things! We suggest grabbing a trash bag and starting there. Toss any garbage lying around, supplies you’ve used up, and decor or other items you’ve grown out of. Once this clutter is out of the way, the rest will appear much more manageable.



3. Pack ahead of time where you can.

Packing ahead of time is challenging because there are a lot of things you use on a daily basis. However, there are certainly a bunch of things you can stow away in advance without missing. For example, any decor can definitely come down ahead of time, and you can totally pack away any clothing you haven’t touched in the past 1-2 weeks.


4. If possible, send things home in advance. 

If you have the option to visit home (or have someone from home visit you) before your final move-out date, use that to your advantage! You can start gradually sending some of your belongings home during these trips. Move out day will be light and easy when a good bulk of your room has already made it home.


5. Keep your daily necessities in an opened box.

The biggest hassle when packing for college? Sifting through boxes upon boxes after realizing you already packed something you need! Keep all of your daily necessities–like contact lenses, toothpaste, face wash, etc.–all in one opened box. That way you’ll know where all your daily essentials are located, and you can quickly tape up the box then send it on its way when it’s actually time to leave.


6. Coordinate with your roommate.

This is especially helpful if you’re moving out of a small dorm room! Avoid bumping elbows and getting in each other’s way by making sure you and your roommate aren’t planning on moving out at the exact same time. Space is tight, so it’s definitely worth checking in on each other’s plan!


7. Recruit some help. 

Of course, moving out of your college room is a task you’re better off not doing alone. Whether it’s mom and dad, a sibling or friend, the more helping hands you can get, the better.


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