8 Inexpensive Ways to Treat Yourself After Finals

After a job well done, we live by the motto of “treat yourself.” It’s been a long semester, and saying that you’ve worked hard is probably an understatement. So with finals exams a thing of the past, let’s cut straight to the chase and talk about some inexpensive ways you can treat yourself.

1. Sleep in extra late.

It’s hard getting in a good deep sleep when you’ve got impending responsibilities looming in the back of your mind. You might be done with the school year (and finals…woo!), but it’s only a matter of time before your internship, summer job, or even just exciting plans take up your time. Sleeping in really is a treat, so take advantage of it while you can!


2. Order your favorite “cheat” meal. 

Even if you’re not on a diet, think of a delectable meal that you typically only indulge in on special occasions. Finishing the school year off strong is definitely considered special, so go right ahead and dig in!



3. Spend a day without a to-do list.

Living by a to-do list is definitely a great organizational practice — but sometimes, it’s okay to scrap it! This is one of those times. Spending a day with zero responsibilities is pretty liberating!


4. Plan a get-together.

Your friends all just finished finals as well, so how about celebrating together? You can go ahead and plan a fun group activity (like an escape room or a beach trip), or just have the crew come to your place with some snacks and good stories. Either way, a good time is sure to ensue.


5. Watch your favorite childhood movie.

Nothing screams “adulting” quite like tackling a bunch of responsibilities you’d rather not deal with (like exams, projects, and figuring out your future). Adulting can be stressful, so it’s definitely a treat when you can take a trip down memory lane and bring out your inner child. How about putting on your favorite childhood movie and starting there?


6. Finish the book you’ve been reading.

Any bookworm will agree, this is definitely a great way to reward hard work!



7. Spend a day gaming guilt-free.

Trying to land a solo win in Fortnite might have left you procrastinating your schoolwork this past semester, but now you can play all day long without the guilt. Our only question is, “Where are we landing?”


8. Take a day trip with friends. 

While we’d all love flying out to a tropical destination in order to unwind after finals week, our wallets aren’t exactly on the same page! Cut down on spending by planning a day trip instead — it’ll still get you out of the house and making memories with friends.

How are you treating yourself? Share your ideas in the comments below.


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