12 Summer Activities You Can Enjoy Alone

When summer first approaches, we always envision day-long beach trips and barbeques with friends and epic road trips with our favorite people by our sides. But when summer actually arrives? Way too much time is spent making plans in the group chat, only for them to fall through at the last minute. Ugh! Before the beautiful weather slips through your fingers, check out these summer activities you can enjoy alone.

1. Take a nature walk.

While some summer activities scream, “the more the merrier,” this is one we feel is best enjoyed alone. Taking a stroll through a tranquil area like a local trail or garden is the perfect way to grab some “me time.”


2. Read a book at a pool.

Summer just doesn’t feel complete until you get in some pool days. Plus, we can’t think of a better reading spot than poolside on a lounge chair, or even while floating atop a raft!



3. Visit an outdoor cafe.

Is it just us, or are cafes the perfect dining spot whenever you’re kicking it solo? There’s no shame in grabbing an iced coffee, picking that shaded table outside, and then just enjoying your own company.


4. Go to a free outdoor concert.

While you may stray away from purchasing concert tickets unless your friends all confirmed they’ll join, what if the concert was free? Plenty of outdoor venues host free concerts throughout the summer, so it doesn’t hurt swinging by alone just to enjoy the music for a bit.


5. Take up gardening.

Having a garden to tend to means you’ll have your own little escape all summer long. Whenever you just feel like getting some fresh air, you can always spend some time checking up on the new growth.



6. Visit the park.

If you just feel like getting out of the house for a bit but don’t feel like venturing far, this is the perfect option. Parks are located almost everywhere, and they’re great spots for just enjoying the summer weather.


7. Check out local community events.

From vendor fairs to food truck festivals, there are most likely plenty of events each day on your community’s local calendar. A quick Google search should give you quite a few great options!


8. Channel your inner photographer.

Thanks to smartphones, we all have an inner photographer in us nowadays! How about taking a ride and seeing what cool sites you can capture this summer?


9. Go for a bike ride.

We love this option because it’s a great way to stay active. Plus, there are plenty of ways you can switch up your bike ride each time you head out. How about riding on the boardwalk or through a hiking trail?



10. Explore a nearby city.

With so much to do in the city, there’s no doubt you can have a good time visiting solo. In fact, heading there alone might actually be the best way to do it! You can check out all of the places you want to see without worrying about anyone else’s to-do list.


11. Check out a yard sale.

You know what they say — one man’s trash is another one’s treasure! See what cool treasures you can scope out this summer.


12. People watch on the boardwalk (or in a park).

Do you ever find yourself zoning out and creating imaginary stories about the people that walk by? It’s pretty relaxing! A public venue like a boardwalk or park is the perfect place to get lost in these daydreams.

Do you have any other ideas? Let us know your own favorite summer activities you can enjoy alone in the comments below.


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  1. J B says:

    All of this is extremely fun either by oneself or with company of others. Lovely ideas! Thanks 😊

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