10 Rainy Day Activities to Keep You Entertained

Don’t you hate it when a rainy day kills your summer plans? You might have been hoping for a day at the beach or a backyard bonfire, but an unpredictable forecast can put a damper on those things real quick. The good news is that just because your plans got rained out, it doesn’t mean you need to settle for boredom. Check out the rainy day activities we suggest below.

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1. Grab friends for a board game night.

This suggestion is pretty classic, but it never gets old. It’s probably been quite some time since you last whipped out a game like Clue or Monopoly, so it’ll definitely be a refreshing change from more typical rainy-day go-to’s like binge-watching Netflix and scrolling through social media.


2. Host a night filled with reality-show-style competition. 

If board games aren’t your style, there are plenty of more creative ways to bring about some friendly competition. How about creating your own rendition of your favorite reality show competition? If you and your friends are culinary-lovers, you can host your own cookoff like Top Chef or Chopped. (Let’s see who can create the best dish using the Ramen in your pantry!) Or, how about pairing up and choreographing dance routines like on Dancing With The Stars? There’s no limit to your creativity here!



3. Have a themed potluck.

Good friends and good food always makes for a great time. Agreed? Plus, we think incorporating a theme adds another layer of fun. You can dress the part, talk the part, and–most importantly–feast the part.


4. Create an at-home spa.

If you ask us, a rainy day is nothing more than an excuse to get in some self-care. Treat yourself to a steaming bubble bath, a luxurious sheet mask, and maybe even a DIY mani/pedi. Ahh…so relaxing!


5. Visit a museum. 

Just because it’s a rainy day, doesn’t mean you need to find entertainment at home. The weather won’t interfere with a visit to the museum! This is also an option you can enjoy both with company or solo.



6. Go to an arcade. 

Here’s another great option that will get you out of the house. It’s much less cliché than a trip to the movie theater, don’t you think?


7. Get organized.

Sometimes a rainy day serves as that push you need to finally tackle a much-needed task you’ve been putting off — like getting organized. Whether you need to rummage through your entire room, or just create more space in your closet, now is the perfect time to do so.


8. Follow along to some YouTube tutorials. 

YouTube isn’t just great for watching funny fail videos and hilarious vlogs — it’s also an amazing resource for visual learners looking to try something new. How about following along with a recipe video, a makeup tutorial, or a cool choreographed dance routine?



9. Make a slip ‘n slide. 

Who said all of your plans have to be indoors on a rainy day? We’re all about making the most of a situation, so throw on a swimsuit and take advantage of the wet weather with a slip ‘n slide!


10. Brief yourself on what’s trending. 

It’s good to be in-the-know! You might already skim through the day’s trending topics on Instagram and Twitter, but how about digging a little deeper? Read up on the topics that really intrigue you, see how they all started, and check out what others are saying on the matter.

Do you have any ideas for a rainy day that we didn’t list? Share them in the comments below!


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