10 Roommate Questions to Tackle Before Move-In Day

Move-in day is basically one of the best holidays in college. Starting a new adventure and getting your own space is obviously something that calls for a ton of excitement! Still — it’s always a little bit nerve-wracking when you’ve opted for a random roommate. Take a look at the questions we suggest knocking out of the way before the big day.

1. Who should bring what?

Generally, one roommate supplies the microwave and the other supplies the mini fridge. However, there are a few other big things you guys can divide to cut some costs on both ends. For example, your roommate might already have a TV you both can share, so you can offer to complete the area by bringing a big throw rug and some chairs.



2. Did you want to coordinate decor?

It’s totally fine rocking a simple gray bed set when your roommate’s is bright pink and filled with frills — but coordinating decor is also a great option, so why not ask? If your roommate is interested, come up with a common theme or color palette to keep in mind while dorm shopping.


3. What do you like to do for fun?

Getting to know a little bit about your roommate’s daily life before move in day is a must! The most obvious reason? You guys may have some common interests and can start making plans on campus! Another reason? It can feel kind of awkward jumping into a living situation with a stranger, so bonding beforehand will help your first few days feel more comfortable.


4. Do you have any allergies I should know about?

It may seem like a small question, but it’s important! Some allergies are so severe that certain items can’t even be brought into the room.


5. What kinds of things are you willing to share?

Of course, it’s great if you guys establish that you’re cool with sharing clothes, books, and fun things like that — but it’s also pretty convenient when it comes to cutting costs. Maybe your roommate has a bunch of plates and utensils they’re willing to share, so you can cross that off your packing list!


6. What is your class schedule like?

Respecting each other’s class schedule is super important. If your roommate has a ton of early classes, you’ll know that you shouldn’t have guests over late and should probably invest in a good pair of headphones. Hopefully, they’ll give you the same respect!



7. What are your cleaning/organization habits like?

This is a pre-move-in-day question for a reason! You might be okay with clutter, but what if your roommate likes everything neat? Instead of butting heads, you guys can work on getting some organizational accessories for the room that’ll make it easy to keep your room clutter-free.


8. Do you have any plans once you get to campus?

There’s always that slight panic right after you’ve moved in and your family heads back home. Now what? If your roommate doesn’t have plans, why not head out and explore campus together? If they do, no worries! Maybe they’ll be willing to introduce you to a few of their friends and you can tag along.


9. What time do you plan on moving in?

If you’re moving into a dorm or a room that you guys are sharing, avoid showing up at the same time. It’s not easy when two different families are lugging a ton of belongings up to the same small space!


10. What would your ideal roommate be like?

Okay — this isn’t a job interview and you don’t have to completely change who you are to meet your roommate’s vision. BUT, this is a great way to pick up on the little things that will help make your living situation work better.

What did we miss? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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