8 Things No One Tells You About Going to College

We see depictions of college life all the time in movies, TV shows, and books—but how much of that is really the norm? Keep reading…we’re spilling some truths about college that you won’t see in pop culture.

It is possible to get a good night’s sleep most of the time.

We always hear the same saying over and over—if you want good grades and a social life in college, you can say goodbye to sleep. Could you imagine if this were true? People would be dozing off in class all the time! While it is tempting to sacrifice sleep for fun or studying every once in a while, there are some solid reasons to fight this temptation, and we’ve listed them here. More times than not, you will get enough sleep if you’re mindful about it—and for those nights where you do end up missing out on some Z’s? Well, there are always naps!


It isn’t always “one big party.

Regardless of what you see on the big screen, there’s way more that goes on than partying all night and day. You can look forward to finding organizations that click with your interests, hitting up the latest campus events, and exploring new places with friends. You can also bet on having some less-exciting days spent studying, but hey—that’s part of the experience, right?



Your roommate may not be your BFF.

Ideally, you and your roommate would hit it off right away and start a lifelong friendship. While this is possible—and pretty common—it’s not always the case. It’s totally normal to have separate friends and interests than your roomie, so don’t feel like you’re doing something wrong if you guys tend to do your own thing. They can still end up being a pretty awesome roommate, even without the “BFF” title.


You can get face-to-face time with your professor.

While you do have much more independence and responsibility than you did in high school, you’re not just getting thrown into the fire. You’ll be able to pay your professors a visit during their office hours if you need a little bit of extra help and guidance. You know those rumors about large lectures where the professor never learns their students’ names? Yeah…not necessarily true!


There will be days where you want to quit.

Some days are going to be tough. There might be days where you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have, nights where you miss home, or times when you’re not so happy about a grade you got—but these days will pass and you’ll get right back to those better days that make your college experience so worth it.



You’re not locked into your major.

Nothing yells ‘stressful’ like choosing a major before freshman year. It feels like suddenly you’re forced to know exactly what you want to do for the rest of your life! You’ll be happy to know that changing majors is actually really common, though. If you have a change of heart, no biggie—you’re not stuck!


And, you don’t need to decide on a career right away.

Even if you’re sure about your major, it’s normal not knowing what you want your job title to be after graduation. As you take on different classes and internships, you’ll start getting a better idea of what sparks your interest. Sometimes, you won’t even know exactly what you want until you’ve already taken a stab at a few different career paths. No rush—it’s a process!


You won’t know everything when you graduate.

You’re going to learn a ton before reaching that diploma, but you might leave college feeling like there’s still a lot you don’t know. The good news is, the learning won’t stop after graduation. Some of the best lessons come from the experiences and challenges you’ll face after you’ve started your career. College is only the beginning!


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  1. Terini Dewberry says:

    Love this advice, people tend to think college is a place of wasting time and parties all day. When honestly it’s not, its hard work and not free and I appreciate the honesty in this article/blog.

  2. Mrkyth Bennett says:

    College can bring brand new experiences for someone once they are done with high school.

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