Scientifically-Backed Reasons to Squeeze in Self-Care this Term

We come back to the topic of self-care a lot here on The College Juice. That’s because spending some alone time on things you enjoy is seriously good for you — especially during college when you’re regularly facing stress! If you’re still not convinced, we’ll let science do the talking. Keep reading to see just why you should dedicate time to self-care this term.

You’ll perform better while working. 

Is it safe to say you really want an excellent GPA and great recommendations from your current internship? That’s why you’re in college, after all. The good news is, self-care might help you achieve this. A study by the British Psychological Society actually shows a link between having a creative outlet and improved work performance. College life can be demanding, so spending time on an unrelated creative activity might be just what you need to bounce back each day and continue working at your full potential.


You’ll feel less stressed.

This one isn’t very surprising, but it’s worth mentioning! According to Psychologist Sherrie Bourg Carter on Psychology Today, spending time alone helps you “reboot your brain and unwind.” We all know how hectic things get in school — there are days when you have back-to-back classes, mountains of material to study, and a demanding extracurricular schedule. That’s why it’s so important to have some solitude every now and then for activities you enjoy so that you can kiss your stress goodbye!



You’ll reduce your anxiety.

Do you ever find yourself feeling incredibly anxious before a major exam or a big presentation? Hey, we understand! If you ever fall victim to this menacing feeling, you may benefit from a self-care activity like exercise or meditation. states that physical exercise (more specifically, aerobic exercise) can help reduce any anxiety you’re feeling at the current moment and recurring anxiety down the line. These findings were also found with activities like meditation. So, pick your preferred strategy, and give it a shot!


You’ll take less sick days. 

Look, we get it that you might want an excuse to skip class, but sick days aren’t fun. Plus, missing class can leave you seriously behind in your work! We’ve already established that self-care does a stellar job at reducing stress. But what if we told you that if you don’t diminish your stress, you’re more susceptible to viruses like the cold and flu? A study from Carnegie Mellon University shows this and states that prolonged stress can reduce the body’s ability to regulate inflammation. So, for the sake of your health, squeeze in some much-needed self-care when you’re feeling stressed!

You have the reasons, now it’s time to put self-care into action. Check out some of our favorite self-care activities here, or check out these 5-minute options if you’re especially busy.


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