15 Ways to Keep Busy Between Classes

Large time gaps between classes might leave you wondering what you’ll do to pass the time. Good news – there are plenty of ways to keep busy! Check out some of our ideas.




1. Exercise at the rec center.

Whether you prefer to hit the weight room, or would just rather shoot some hoops and play a game of racquetball, the rec center is a great resource to take advantage of between classes. Make sure to pack gym clothes!


2. Get a head start on homework.

Trust us, it’s better than waiting until you’re home when you could be sleeping or hanging out with friends instead! Find a quiet corner in the library and get your homework out of the way so that you’ll have time for fun later.


3. Lounge outside with some music.

You always see college students in movies lounging on the campus lawn soaking up some sun. Guess what – it doesn’t just happen in movies! Pop in some headphones and find a nice grassy area to relax until your next class.


4. Explore unfamiliar parts of campus.

Is there a part of campus you don’t normally visit? Take a stroll there and see what cool things you can discover. Plus, taking a brisk walk on campus will feel great after sitting at a desk in class all morning.



5. Visit office hours.

Need help on homework? Have questions about an exam? Check your professors’ office hours and see if you can stop by between your classes.


6. See what events are happening around campus.

College campuses are always busy! Explore all the hot spots and maybe you’ll catch a fun event going on.


7. Check in with family.

Do your parents always want to know everything going on while you’re away at school? Give them a ring between classes and fill them in on your day. They’ll appreciate it!


8. Meet up with friends on campus.

Your friends will likely be on campus the same time as you. See which ones aren’t busy in class and meet up to pass some time!


9. People watch.

Sometimes it’s nice to just sit on a bench and observe your surroundings. Try taking a guess where each passerby is headed, and what you think their major is!




10. Join a club.

Getting involved in a club can definitely keep you busy between classes. Even if they don’t meet during the school day, they often provide activities you can sign up for between classes – such as working a fundraiser on campus!


11. Grab a bite to eat.

Listen, you don’t want your stomach loudly grumbling during your next class! Take care of that hunger while you can.


12. Work on your side hustle.

Might as well stay productive between classes, right? Try using this time to work on any side hustles you have, such as blogging.


13. Read a book.

If you prefer to relax between classes, a good book is the way to go. Just make sure you’re able to put it down before your next class!




14. Meet with a tutor.

Meeting with a tutor is a great way to sharpen your skills. Plan your sessions between classes so that you stay busy. Time will fly!


15. Catch up on social media. 

Social media is never boring! Catch up on all those Instagram stories you missed, check what your family has been up to on Facebook, or just hunt for the best memes you can share with your bestie.


Do you have any other ideas? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.






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  1. Connie says:

    Visit the wellness center for a relaxing massage.

  2. Steven Lugo says:

    So I have a six hour gap between my classes Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and I don’t know how many times throughout the day I get asked the same question if do I get bored or do I have nothing to do or do I sleep on campus etc etc lol . My response is always well it’s beneficial for me to have a large gap because I get to focus on completing my homework and study for exams and basically read chapters from the textbooks that I’m assigned to read . It’s just that I get a lot of work that sometimes I don’t have enough time to focus on other things like hit the gym or practice soccer but maybe it could also be that I haven’t found the way of how to organize myself to do all of the things that I’m willing to do in just one day . That could also be , but anywho big gaps between classes are great and of great use . Plus I never miss out on snacking or having lunch .

  3. Sohaib says:

    Yup I do all of these. One thing though is working on your side hustle but that because it’s just so many class work to worry about. I may try that though.

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