7 Ways to Practice Self-Care This Term

Self-care often takes a seat on the back burner in college. After all, there’s always something going on around campus, and you probably don’t want to miss a minute of it! But at the end of the day, we all need to give ourselves a little bit of TLC. Check out some of our tips that will help you manage your mental health, keep stress to a minimum, and combat burnout before it happens.

1. Fine-tune your time management skills. 

Today you have a full day of classes, tonight you’ve got a shift at your campus job, tomorrow morning is a big exam you haven’t yet studied for, and somewhere between all of that you need to get that paper done that’s due at midnight. Yikes! Practicing time management isn’t always all about getting your work done in time, it’s also about making sure you’re not driving yourself crazy with stress! Invest in a planner, start using to-do lists, or check out these other helpful time management tools.


2. Schedule in some “me” time. 

It’s hard getting a moment to yourself in college — It’s probably the most social setting we can think of! That’s why making an effort to slip away for a bit and enjoy some alone time is important. Use this time to read a book, watch your favorite movie, take a much-needed nap, or something else that’ll get your mind relaxed and re-focused.



3. Take up a hobby.

Finding a hobby might be the last thing on your mind in college — you’ve already got plenty to do on campus and there’s really never a dull moment, right? Well, just because you’re not bored doesn’t mean a hobby won’t do you good. Having an activity that’s completely your own is a great way to get your thoughts together — and when studying and classwork leave you stressed, your hobby is a great little escape!


4. Exercise.

Exercise is good for you on many levels. Of course, exercising regularly will whip you into great physical shape — but there’s more! It’s actually a pretty efficient stress-buster as well, so why not kill two birds with one stone?


5. Learn to say “no.”

It might sound easy, but we’re all guilty of impulsively agreeing to things we maybe should have put more thought behind. You know — like when you’ve got a huge exam to study for, but you say “yes” to picking up an extra shift at work or going out all night with your best friends. Don’t worry about letting anyone down — Sometimes you just have to do you!


6. Get enough sleep.

Regardless of all the rumors you may have heard, getting enough sleep is possible in college. Trust us — with a little bit of time management, you won’t have to pull that all-nighter before your exam. However, if you are trying hard to get in those Z’s but fall victim to tossing and turning all night, check out our tips on getting a better quality sleep here.


7. Visit your campus health center.

Sometimes things can get a little bit too overwhelming. If this is the case, there’s no shame in enlisting in some outside help! Whether you’re feeling anxious, depressed, or just completely in over your head, you can trust that your school’s Counseling and Psychological Services will be there to help.


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