Easy Ways to Make More Time in Your Day

Do you ever catch yourself thinking about how there aren’t enough hours in a day? While you can’t do anything about the earth’s 24-hour rotation, you can do something about the way you spend that time. Take a look at our suggestions.

Don’t snooze your alarm.

The snooze button might feel like the best choice at the moment, but think of it this way — don’t you dread the sound of your alarm in the morning? Why would you want to relive that more than once? As tired as you feel, get up and moving the first time that alarm sounds. You’ll have more time in the morning, and it’ll make leaving your bed much easier. Quick and painless, like ripping off a band-aid!


Plan ahead.

Your planner is your best friend! The massive amounts of projects and studying you need to get done is much less time-consuming when you can block them out on certain days when you have more time. If a planner isn’t your style, try an app instead. Additionally, something as simple as planning your outfit or prepping your meals the night before can shave a few valuable minutes off of your morning routine.




The thought of multitasking might make you feel frantic, but we’re not saying you have to master some challenging balancing act! Find ways to multitask that won’t leave you in a frenzy — like studying on your commute to your internship (given that you’re taking public transit — not driving), eating a grab-and-go breakfast while you walk to class, or catching up on your shows while you sit down for a meal.


Get rid of clutter.

Organization plays a huge part in time management. We spend so much time looking for things, and it definitely adds up! Simple tasks like getting rid of extra clutter in your closet, tossing any old papers and assignments, and even organizing your inbox can definitely add some more free time to each day.

Another way de-cluttering can create more time in your day is by inspiring more productivity. Your environment plays a major role in this! An organized workspace, for example, will help you stay focused on your tasks, rather than settling for distractions and procrastination.


Limit your time on social media.

We hate to say this because we know it’s easier said than done, but you can totally manage it if you try! Instead of continuously checking social media throughout the day, save it for your downtime — like during dinner or before bed.


Put your needs first. 

You might feel obligated to do it all, but can anyone really swing that kind of life? Don’t feel like you’re letting anyone down if you need to say no to certain plans or responsibilities. If anything, suggest something more convenient for your schedule — like a quick coffee date rather than a day-long trip to the city with your friends.

What suggestions do you have? Drop them in the comments below.


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