7 Ways to Step out of Your Comfort Zone This Week

They always say that life begins at the end of your comfort zone, and we can’t argue with that! Exposing yourself to new situations gives you confidence, let’s you in on new experiences, and much, much more. That’s why we’re challenging you to step out of your comfort zone this week, and we listed seven easy ways to get started.

1. Order something other than your usual.

It never fails. You head to your favorite restaurant and skim the menu a few times over, only to resort back to that same dish you always get. It’s the safe choice, right? Next time, ditch your usual order and pick out something completely new. Trying new things is exciting, and your favorite dish will still be there the next time you stop by!


2. Enjoy an activity by yourself.

Naturally, we always grab our friends whenever we do things like going out to eat, enjoying a walk on campus, or seeing a show you just grabbed tickets for. That’s what friends are for, right? But you shouldn’t just rely on your buddies for a good time. Step out of your comfort zone and pick an activity you can enjoy yourself. There will be no one holding you back from the way you want to do things, and maybe you’ll even make some new friends along the way!



3. Spend a day with your phone turned off. 

We’re so used to using our phones as a crutch in social situations. Whether there’s a lull in conversation or you’re walking past someone you don’t want to make small talk with, it’s so easy to just get lost in your tech and ignore the awkward outside world! But once you shut your phone off for a day and experience all the simple pleasures you may have been missing out on, you’ll start realizing that the outside world isn’t so awkward after all.


4. Hang out with someone new. 

Sometimes the thought of hanging out with people other than your core group of friends feels awkward. What will we talk about? What will we do? How can I make this quick?

Chill with those thoughts for a second…you’re just freaking yourself out! We’re not saying you have to go out with your latest Tinder match, but grabbing a cup of coffee or planning a study session with a classmate is a great start.


5. Rock a new look. 

Do you ever browse Instagram and see a look that you absolutely love, but you swear you can’t pull it off? Well, we think you can. Whether you want to try a bold lipstick when you typically keep it bare, or you’re looking to trade in your usual hoodie for a structured jacket, rest assured that you’ll only be turning heads in a positive way.


6. Join in on a new club meeting.

There are clubs for almost anything in college, and nobody is going to mind if you pop in and check one out — even at this point in the term. You might already be a part of some honors societies or professional organizations related to your major, but how about trying something new this week? Maybe you’ll even find a new hobby!


7. Raise your hand in class. 

Are you one of those guys that slouches in their chair hoping the professor never calls on you? Hey, we understand! It’s not that you’re a bad student, it’s just that you prefer to listen rather than speak in front of your entire class. How about trying it a couple of times this week, though? It’ll undoubtedly give you an extra kick of confidence, and it’ll help you get more comfortable with public speaking.

Can you think of anything else? Talk to us in the comments below.


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