7 Different Ways to Show You’re Thankful

Thankfulness is currently in season! But wouldn’t you agree that you should show gratitude outside of the Thanksgiving dinner table? Sharing your gratefulness over dinner with family is great, but here are some other ways you can start showing you’re thankful.

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1. Share compliments.

The best compliments go deeper than, “I like your hair.” (Although don’t hold back if that’s what’s on your mind!) Think of compliments that showcase what you’re actually thankful for, such as “I love how you always lend a listening ear to your friends.”


2. Do someone a favor. 

The number of favors someone like your mom or dad have done for you is countless — agreed? You can simply say “thank you” to them for caring for you in that type of way, or you can return the favor. Offer mom a helpful hand in getting Thanksgiving dinner prepared, take dad’s car for an oil change, help your brother with his homework…you get the gist of it.



3. Mail out holiday cards.

Holiday cards are an easy way to let someone know you’re thinking of them. Instead of mailing out cards to your usual list of friends and family, think about who else might benefit from that gratitude this time of year — like your mail carrier, your usual barista, or even that friendly neighbor that always smiles and waves.


4. Invite some extra heads to your holiday dinner.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a close family to spend the holidays with. Extend an invite to those who don’t. It’ll feel greatly appreciated!


5. Send a Snapchat.

Yes, we’re serious! If Holiday cards feel too outdated, there’s nothing wrong with saying Happy Thanksgiving through a Snapchat to your favorite people! Easy, right?


6. Or, tag them in gratitude-related social media posts. 

Do you know what’s just as simple as sending a Snapchat? Tagging your friends in an Instagram or Facebook post. You might typically tag them on your favorite memes, but this time, tag them in a post related to feeling thankful.


7. Smile.

A smile says it all! Even smiling at someone that held the door open for you is an effortless way to show gratitude.

What else can you think of? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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