How to Create a More Productive Workspace

Scour any lifestyle blog or social media account and it won’t be long before you stumble upon a photo of an immaculately organized desk complete with matching supplies, a framed picture of a motivational quote, and a cute little succulent tucked in the corner. This is one trend that’s totally worth hopping on the bandwagon for — not because it makes a great Insta photo (although we’re not mad about that added perk!), but because a great work environment does wonders for your productivity. Here’s how you can start turning your own desk into a more productive workspace.

If possible, set up by a window.

It’s no surprise that sunshine actually increases alertness and motivation. That’s a great reason to make sure your desk is set up right under a window. When your study sessions get long, you’ll definitely want a work environment that doesn’t entice you to doze off.


Or, at least have a vibrant desk lamp.

Whether you’re by a window or not, your workspace should definitely be well lit. Make sure you’ve got a desk lamp set up in addition to the overhead lighting in your room. Not only will the bright light keep your mind alert, but studying in poor lighting can cause eye strain and headaches. Eek! That’s a definite ‘no’ in our book.



Pick the right soundtrack.

When it comes to study music, people either love it or hate it. On one hand, it’s a great way to sink into your own world and drown out any outside distractions. If this is your style, we suggest a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones and a playlist filled with instrumental songs (no distracting lyrics!). You’ll definitely want to save the TV shows, podcasts, and your favorite “catchy” songs for another time. If you don’t work well with music? No worries, you can totally skip it.


Don’t skimp on decor, photographs, and quotes.

Less is often more when it comes to productive work environments, and — generally speaking — you’ll want your desk to be as clean and clutter-free as possible. But, can you imagine a desk that’s so drab that it just makes you want to snooze? Definitely go ahead and adorn your workspace with office decor, photos, and/or motivational quotes. These embellishments can actually help stimulate your mind and give you a creative boost. Just make sure you don’t get too out of hand with the amount of decorations — this kind of sensory overload can end up more distracting than helpful!


Decorate with the right colors.

Speaking of decor, did you know that the color scheme of your workspace matters? Blue, for instance, is commonly recommended for productive areas like offices. It’s said to calm your mind and help you focus on the task at hand. Another popular color for productivity is yellow, which is often preferred by those in design-based fields since the color invokes a feeling of creativity.


Surround yourself with organizational supplies.

This one is major. Imagine trying to muster up enough motivation to finally start your term paper. Now, imagine you look over at your desk and there’s an endless pile of clutter on top. You can either dig through the mess and clean out an area you can settle into (while hoping you find the papers you need along the way), or pack your book bag and head all the way to the campus library. Either way, there’s an unnecessary step in there, and procrastinating even longer suddenly becomes more enticing.

We’re huge fans of desk organizers like paper filers, trinket dishes, and organizer trays — these will keep all of your necessary desk supplies in place. While you’re at it, things like calendars and to-do lists on the wall are also great at boosting productivity.


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